Jackrabbit Online Payments

Jackrabbit Pay is a single solution that allows youth activity and child care center owners collect payments online, while keeping all data safe and secure.

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Universal Payment Methods

With over 100 payment methods to choose from, you can ensure that your customers have options they are familiar with and trust.

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Automated Payments

Replace time and resources spent on manually posting payments with automated payment processing. Let the software do the work for you.

Painless Processing with Surcharges

Benefit from processing your ePayments with Jackrabbit Pay by putting money back in your bank account. Increase your bottom line by adding a percentage to credit card payments to help cover processing costs.

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Cost-Effective Online Payment System Pricing

Low Transaction Rates

Fair, affordable payment processing with transparent reporting.

Rate Transparency

Competitive and honest pricing with complete rate transparency.

Faster Settlement Time

Consistent release of funds to your account within one business day.

Collect Money Quicker with Jackrabbit Pay

Processing payments shouldn’t be hard. Jackrabbit Pay helps you process payments faster with Next Day Payout while giving you and your customers many additional benefits!

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