Learn why you should automate tuition payments

Why you should Automate Tuition Payments

What’s one thing most dance studios, gyms, swim schools have in common? If your answer had anything to do with tuition or the cost of taking classes, you’re on the right track. 

Tuition payments are commonplace for nearly all youth programs. But not all centers collect tuition payments the same way. Cash, credit, ACH or a combination – the options are endless. What shouldn’t be endless is the amount of time you spend processing monthly tuition.

IYKYK that the process of posting and processing monthly or weekly tuition can be challenging. That’s why Jackrabbit gave gym and studio owners the option to automate the process entirely!

Here are five reasons why you should be automatically processing tuition. 

5 benefits of automating dance studio tuition payments

1. Save Time

Process credit cards and bank accounts at once instead of in separate batches.

2. Remove Worry

Automation removes human error and allows you to collect payments anytime, anywhere.

3. Built-in Reminders

Make adjustments to automated batches before they run with the assistance of reminders to set your desired schedule.

4. Flexible Schedule

Edit, pause, or delete a payment that’s scheduled to process with a few clicks.

5. Easier Reporting

Align your ePayments settlement report with your Jackrabbit revenue reports for easy reconciliation. 

How to get started with Jackrabbit payment automation

When you’re ready to automate your studio’s billing process with Jackrabbit, focus on these three things:

  1. Set up a call with our support team
  2. Set up your tuition settings to account for discounting and prorating.
  3. Start automating your tuition process!


Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits of automating more processes with Jackrabbit?

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