The two steps to an automated tuition process with Jackrabbit

Want an automatic tuition process? Do these two steps!

Knowing that time is the most valuable asset you have, your goal as the owner of a gym, swim school, or dance studio is likely related to saving as much time as you possibly can. Having class management software that allows you to automate processes is the key to saving time, while also managing your business efficiently.

Why not automate as much as you can so you can get back to the things you love the most – connecting with your students and teaching classes! You might be asking yourself, ‘where do I even begin’? Easy! If you are ready to save hours every month with an automatic tuition process, follow these two steps below!

Step 1: Get started with electronic payments

First things first, integrated electronic payments with Jackrabbit Class. Accepting electronic payments, also known as ePayments, is not only a great way to ensure your accounts receivables list is minimal, but it’s an absolute must-have for implementing an automated tuition process. Similar to any membership or subscription you have, ePayments allow for you to have a card on file for your customers when it’s time to process auto-drafts.

ePayments create many benefits for you and your customers that will have you wondering why you didn’t take the leap much sooner. For more details on the benefits of online payments, how to get started with one of Jackrabbit’s ePayment processors, and much more, check out our recent ‘Ask Me Anything’ webinar!

Step 2: Automatic tuition posting and processing

You’ve got electronic payments set up, parents are loving the convenience, and you’re noticing how easy it is to collect payments on time. The benefits certainly don’t stop there. You are now ready to automate your entire billing process from posting fees to processing payments.

With the flexibility that Jackrabbit Class has to offer, your automatic tuition process can take into account your:

  • billing structure (charging tuition by class or by total hours taken each week),
  • multi-class discounts,
  • sibling discounts,
  • prorating for a partial month or session,
  • prorating when there’s an extra week of classes, and
  • frequency of billing


With settings in place, you can simply schedule your tuition posting and payment processing with an option to add a friendly reminder before each automation takes place. Sounds like a dream, right?

It doesn’t have to be! Jackrabbit Class is here to make your automatic tuition process dreams come true. (—>Watch a tutorial on setting up your tuition automation)

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