The 5 benefits of payment automation with Jackrabbit

5 benefits of payment automation with Jackrabbit

Having class management software is essential to a successful gym, dance studio, swim school, or youth activity center of any kind. From managing classes and enrollment to collecting tuition and connecting with families and students – you need a system that can handle it all! With the latest enhancement of Jackrabbit payment automation released, your billing process just got a lot less stressful and a lot more streamlined. Before we look at some of the most exciting benefits of this feature, let’s look at what it is exactly.

What is payment automation with Jackrabbit?

We know that automation is the most requested functionality there is right now. And that’s why the Jackrabbit team focused their efforts in 2021 on bringing you a way to automate tuition posting and payment processing. Yep, you read that right. The best part is, it’s an easy feature to set up. For example, with Jackrabbit’s automated tuition posting and payment processing, you can schedule tuition fees to post on the 25th of every month and schedule payments to process on the 1st, making your entire billing process automated from start to finish. It may seem like it can’t get any better than this but the truth is, this feature is full of benefits for you and your studio, gym, or swim school and they are just too good not to share and celebrate.

Top 5 benefits of payment automation with Jackrabbit

Time savings

It’s no secret that running a youth activity center is one of the most time-consuming jobs out there. The amount of behind-the-scenes work that goes on aside from what happens on the gym floor, in the pool, or in the studio can feel never-ending. Any time that can be saved through automating processes is a huge win. With the release of payment automation in Jackrabbit, you can process all credit cards and bank accounts at one time. No need to run two separate batches. And in addition to that, with the new technology incorporated on the back-end of this enhancement, our beta testers noticed a 1.5-hour time frame to process payments was reduced to 2.5 minutes. Time savings like that add up quickly and are a great way to get time back for you!

Worry-free processing

One of the most powerful benefits of any type of automation is the confidence you have in what’s happening without manual work. As much as we try to be perfect, human error is still a thing. Payment automation removes human error from the equation for you and your customers. Not to mention, it seems like billing day always lands on a weekend, much-needed vacation or while you are at a competition or event. Basically, billing is not the first thing on your mind and it can be a hassle to make it happen if it’s outside of your normal work hours. Jackrabbit payment automation eliminates the inconvenience and allows you to plan ahead of these kinds of scenarios!

Built-in reminders

Automation is one of the most requested features in any software platform. But that’s not to say that you never want to think about the automated process ever again. That’s why the Jackrabbit team created an option for you to decide if and when you receive a reminder before the next automated task (tuition posting or payment processing) happens, allowing you time to make any adjustments needed. Having this safeguard in place allows you to revisit the automation anytime!

Option to update anytime

Whether you want to cancel a payment automation task you created a year ago or edit an existing one from last month, having the option to update the task at any time is critical to the success of your billing process. Edit, pause or delete a scheduled payment processing within a few clicks!

Easier report reconciliation

When connecting with a payment gateway, you determine your settlement time – the time of day where your batch closes for same-day processing. Securing the settlement time that works best for your business is important for planning when funds will show up in your account. With Jackrabbit payment automation, you can choose to process owed fees daily at 7:55 pm when your settlement time is 8:00 pm. By doing so, you’ve just aligned your ePayment settlement report with your Jackrabbit revenue reports for easy reconciliation – #winning Now it’s time to put this awesome automation into action!

How to get started with Jackrabbit payment automation

If you aren’t using Jackrabbit Class, there’s no better time to start. 30 days free and immediate payment automation.

When it comes to saving you and your team valuable time and effort to automate your billing process, you should be focused on three things:

  1. Select one of our two ePayment partners (who offer meet or beat pricing) to process ePayments with.
  2. Set up your tuition settings to account for discounting and prorating.
  3. Start automating your tuition process!

Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits of automating more processes with Jackrabbit?

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