Everything you Need to Know about Dance Studio Financial Reporting (Owner Roadmap)

Financial reporting owner roadmap

When it comes to running a dance studio, you know all about technique, choreography, dealing with parents and everything in between. But what happens if you don’t know everything about the financial side of your studio? No problem. That’s where we come in.  Keeping tabs on the financial health of your dance studio is essential. […]

Why you should Automate Tuition Payments

Learn why you should automate tuition payments

What’s one thing most dance studios, gyms, swim schools have in common? If your answer had anything to do with tuition or the cost of taking classes, you’re on the right track.  Tuition payments are commonplace for nearly all youth programs. But not all centers collect tuition payments the same way. Cash, credit, ACH or […]

5 steps for successful tuition management and automation

The 5 steps for successful tuition management and automation

Chances are you may have heard that, with Jackrabbit Class, you can now completely automate your tuition process. You know why you should automate dance tuition, but do you know the best way to actually implement it? No? No biggie! Getting started with managing and automating tuition is easier than it may seem. Not to mention, the reward is […]

5 things you must know about processing ePayments

What you need to know about processing ePayments

Recently, the ePayments team joined a webinar for an Ask Me Anything session for – you guessed it! Anything related to ePayments. In a Q&A panel format, our ePayments expert shared invaluable information that was worth sharing again. 5 things to know about processing ePayments with Jackrabbit Class Whether you are new to the Jackrabbit […]

Best Practices for eCommerce & Bank Reconciliation

The best practices for eCommerce and bank reconciliation

Reconciling your bank account when using e-Commerce can be challenging. The following information and guidelines can simplify this process for you! Understanding the eCommerce Players Jackrabbit – transmits the transaction to the payment gateway (does not approve or decline transactions). Payment Gateway  – accepts transaction in ‘bunny’ language, translates to ‘bank’ language and forwards to merchant […]

Keep Personal Information Secure with Jackrabbit

Keep your and your client's personal information secure with Jackrabbit

Securing personal information is important to your customers, making it just as important to you. Here at Jackrabbit, we strive to protect all sensitive information as we take security very seriously. See our Help section on Security and Privacy in Jackrabbit for more detailed information. What is new? In the latest enhancement release, we have implemented masking […]

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