Connect with Jackrabbit’s Top-notch Customer Service

Connect with Jackrabbit’s top-notch customer service

Ever heard the saying ‘teamwork makes the dream work’? Here at Jackrabbit, we truly feel that way. And we are part of your team! If you’ve been part of the Jackrabbit family for some time now, you have seen this in action anytime you’ve needed to call on us for extra help. And if you […]

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Jackrabbit Procedures Checklist

Procedures checklist with Jackrabbit

Jackrabbit was built with the customer in mind. To this day, we consider all ideas submitted and heard from our customers to develop a roadmap for our enhancements. We are proud of the many things this software can do for your business. While you’re running your business, Jackrabbit is right there beside you. We’ve created a […]

Tuition Tips: How to enforce your tuition policy to ensure revenue

How to enforce your tuition policy to ensure revenue

It’s often said that cash is king when it comes to managing a swim school, gymnastics gym or dance studio. I mean, who doesn’t like cash, right?  Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the business for years, enforcing your tuition policy to ensure revenue, or the cash coming into your program, is […]

The Ultimate Guide to Online Payments

Your one-stop guide to online payments

It’s no secret that online payments are the way to conveniently collect fees for consumers. Making payments from anywhere, at any time is convenient for your customers and ensures you get paid on time. To help you make processing online payments as successful as possible, we’ve put together this complete guide to assist you and […]

Want an automatic tuition process? Do these two steps!

The two steps to an automated tuition process with Jackrabbit

Knowing that time is the most valuable asset you have, your goal as the owner of a gym, swim school, or dance studio is likely related to saving as much time as you possibly can. Having class management software that allows you to automate processes is the key to saving time, while also managing your business efficiently. […]

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